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  • Nev knows best

    Hey Nev,

    I'm a south florida surfer going bouncing around costa rica for a week over the summer

    i have 5'6 spitfire which has been pretty sweet for around here (windchop, knee-chest high actual swell when it shows up, occasional head + hurricane season) but im not sure if the spit is gonna cut it for bouncing around costa (punchy beach break - hollow points etc) and im thinking of going for a 5'8 hellfire. is that a good move or too similar? should i be looking at a 5'10 hellrazor? which one would be worth having for both the trip and everyday florida? thanks

    5'8 140 lbs intermediate

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    Maybe send Chito from the forums a message
    He lives at Santa Theresa, Costa Rica
    I think he's just switched from riding a Hellfire to a Spitfire, similar sizes to you
    He's looking at the Hellrazor as well
    Sounds like he's having a similar dilemma to you


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      mmaaaannn....staysurf, i would say get after the hellrazor. The hellfire will be closer to the spitfire. In my opinion the hellrazor will extend your quiver further.

      are you taking your other board with you to CR??


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          I believe that is Chitos choice as well