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NEV et al. !!!!!!! i need to order a step-up. tell me what to get!

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  • NEV et al. !!!!!!! i need to order a step-up. tell me what to get!

    hey nev. (pjr and chris and all else also welcome :) ) i'm a big fan and have bought 7 new firewires in the last 2 years. (scaling down as my skills improved)

    i need a recommendation for a step up. i'm 6'3", 205lb. (93 kg), 44 yo. i've been surfing 6 days a week for 3 years. i can surf but don't rip. i can do decent (non-aggresive) turns off the top and roundies but am working most on trying to make all my late drops and fast pumps. i have pretty good paddle strength since i surf almost every day.

    i surf ocean beach, san francisco (where they just had the Rip Curl 2011). it's a beach break and can get pretty powerful, fast and barreling, especially in off-shore winds. i surf a 6'8" alternator and really like it in 4' - 7'. it's seems pretty forgiving on the take off's and allows me as much maneuverability as i need. however, when the waves start approaching 10' (especially when they're steep) i feel like by the time i get in my drop is way too steep and i wish i had gotten in a second ago. i want a step up for waves in the 8' - 10' range. i'm more concerned with getting into the wave, making my bottom turn and accelerating to get in front of the wave. for now, in waves of that size i'm way more stoked just trying to get in the pocket and staying ahead of the wave than going for the barrel.

    i was assuming an alternator because i know it's a pretty forgiving board for beginning intermediate surfers like myself. i know you have flexfire step ups but was concerned that going from an alternator to the flexfire step up would be a bit of a shock because of the more advanced nature of the flexfire's shaping. (i'm definitely not ready to switch to a more challenging board shape.)

    would you recommend customizing an alternator for me? or would you recommend something else? thanks

    2 6'8" alternators (US and MEX)
    6'4" spitfire (US)
    6'2" spitfire (MEX)

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    From what Chris said yesterday, there's a new 'artillery' line coming soon consisting of step ups and guns. Could be just what you're looking for!


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      i am waiting that new line.. still considering the Hell Razor 6-9 and the 6-5 Activator (to replace my 6-4 dominator) I like swallow tails better on a short fun board.