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FCS quivalent in Futures?

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  • FCS quivalent in Futures?

    Hi Nev/Chris,

    I've been riding one of the older (less beefy) Alternators, 6'4". I love the thing but I have to have three FCS M7's in it to keep it in the water and even then I'll blow the tail just turning up the wave from mid-way sometimes.
    I'm super keen to get the thicker MB in the 6'4" and I know very little about Futures models. I like the inner foils on the M7's and my guess is that the MB will have a bit more 'bite' built into the rail and tail.
    What Futures fin model would you recommend I start with?
    I'm only 5'8" and a half and weigh 88 to 90kg. My friends would say I'm a powerful surfer.
    I live in the south west of W.A so you know the waves we surf but I'm rarely out in much over double-head and I'll only have these two boards.


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    AM2 in techflex will suit nicely a powerful surfer who wants some loosnes
    For some extra hold go with the Pancho model although I'm not sure how these ones will suit the MB model. That's a board that will want to be whipped around


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      Cheers Iggy - much appreciated :)


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        the fall out symptom you mention is most probably that the 6'4 alt is too big for is a board you should ride a little shorter than your "normal" board...which should be a lot shorter than that too....i know the board reasonable well and still have the beefier version 6ft and a bit and 95kg+ no problem, its a beauty..but at 90 or less you can get fallout if you get critical..a shorter version and/or more rockered board will not be trying to put as much foam in the water along its length..therefore the tail/fins stay in...

        am2 techflex work well in the alt...i am expecting i'll use them in the bourez...this board i will only have in 6'0 or 6'2 (thinner) that may help you scale your boards..the 6'4 bourez probably wont fall out as much as the alt with the rocker/outline but you will still be fighting a lot of foam...


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          Cheers Core. I hear you mate.... the 6'4" Alt is the smallest board I've had for a while - been getting fitter and losing weight over a few yrs. Before the Alt I was riding a 6'6" MR Spitfire tufflite and could throw/drive that around without as much slip with LESS fin area but that had a flyer swallow tail and would bite. The Alt felt a lot smaller by comparison when I first got on it and really 'slippy', particularly trying to push hard on a backhand bottom turn to go vert, hence the M7's.
          I'm a little nervous about going smaller as I'll only have the two boards (Alt and MB) and I'll want it to get me into waves on the odd bigger days as well. Compromise... just ask my wife :) Thanks for the info - I'll defs have a look at the AM2 Tech's.


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            bin the m7 and get some fg7, lighter stiffer better foiled fins which will hold far better


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              Good replies boys...You will love the MB as it has a more performance tail, not so wide as Core explained. MB can slightly bury that tail, so I reckon you'll be blowing him away Piggo!