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  • Materials 2010 and 2011

    Had a question about the materials that the boards have been made out of. Are their differences in the quality of the materials that were used pre-2011? Are the boards stronger pre-2011 or are they the same? I know that I have a 2010 and a 2011 and they seem similar to me and was wondering if anyone knows the differences.

    All I know is that I love these boards and cannot get enough surftime with them.

    Thanks Nev for resurrecting my shortboard career.

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    hopefully they will add Helium to the boards


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      same make and materials work. The only change to the build has been the removal of the valve from newly built FST models. otherwise same deal across the board.



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        Good to know a guy that was selling a Spitfire in the OC tried to tell me that the materials had changed and that his board repair guys have seen more Firewire boards than usual. I wonder if that is because more
        people are riding these insane boards.

        Thanks Chris.


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          Thanks boys... Right on it!


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            Just trying to make sure that the myths that are getting put out there are true or in this case NOT TRUE.
            I love these boards and would hate to have anything effect the reputation of the company, especially by some rumor.



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              Hwork, i would not stress it. our build has been the same in the timeframe that you reference. Keep in mind Firewire has only truly been on the market in a mainstream manner for about 3 years. We have grown MASSIVELY in the last 18 months, have two top 10 World tour surfers in Taj and Michel, the world longboard champion in Taylor Jensen and signed riders like Timmy Reyes, Sterling Spencer and regional pros across the globe.

              repair folks ARE seeing more Firewires because more are getting used. 2011 was our busiest year and we have a much larger presence. The result is more getting dinged and brought to repair guys.

              That is just the way it goes....