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  • Step-up for Indo?


    I've currently got two Firewire boards (6'1 flexfire and a 5'10 quadfish for summer). I was thinking of getting a 5'6/5'8 dominator to use on smaller but still punchy waves as I find the flexfire works best in 4ft+ surf. However, I've recently booked a trip to Bali this summer and I am now wondering if it would be more beneficial to get a 6'6 step-up rather than the Dom.

    Ive surfed my flexfire in 6-7ft surf in the UK but having not been to Indo before, I'm not sure if it would handle waves of a similar or slightly bigger size in Bali? My problem is that I'm only taking two boards with me and only have enough money to get either the Dom or the step-up so it would either be the flexfire and the Dom or the flexfire and the step-up.

    Just wanted an opinion on if the step-up is an irreplaceable board to take to Indo as it would probably only ever be used on return trips and the Dom would come in for a lot more use back home.

    Just incaseit helps, I'm around 70kg and an average surfer.


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    What it comes down to are the waves you are going to be looking to surf. If you're going to be looking at Padang Padang when it's breaking, or paddling out at DOH Uluwatu or charging at Lakey Peak when it's solid or wherever you decide to surf then the step up is going to be essential.
    If you're going to be surfing mostly waves around headhigh, to slightly overhead and not super pumped to tackle the big stuff and would rather have a super fun board for the smaller days and something that's going to be a lot of fun for at home, then the Dominator is a good bet.

    I know guys that go to Indo fairly often and only take standard shorties and a fun wave board who aren't looking for bombs, just fun warm waves. I know guy's that wouldn't dare go without a step up either because they want to be on it when it gets solid.

    It's your call at the end of the day!

    I would suggest you look at the 5'8" Hellfire rather than the Dominator. That'll mean you have you quad fish for small summer days, the Hellfire for when it's bigger but fatter, or smaller and punchy, and then the Flexfire for when it's on! The Hellfire would also be a lot of fun in Indo.


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      Great reply prjwebb...Indo is one of those places where you can surf you normal HPSB in most that get's thrown at you, unless you charge it at outside corner, big padang etc..maybe different in the Mentawaii's but still the most surfs you will have will be 3 ft 6ft. Don't go the gun, but don't shoot the messenger when you are scratching for the horizon cause Indo's getting seriously hammered by an epic 10ft swell
      ! :)