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biscuit/gravy style board

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  • biscuit/gravy style board

    Yes i know the sweet potatoe is kinda similar..but also quite different perhaps the biggest difference the biscuit/gravy have same front and tail measurments and a thruster set up, plus the gravy is more refined.

    Are there any plans for something more similar to a biscuit/gravy?

    I had a gravy and it went great i would have kept it, but every surf it just seemed to get more and more dinged now im not turning back, its fw only from now on in, im stoked on firewires there light, they go but they also last.

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    Take a look at the El Fuego. It has a bunch of similarities to the biscuit/gravy, and it is one hell of a board in smaller surf (even though I have used mine in overhead waves as well). Other than that, I guess the Potatonator might do the trick.


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      hey all,
      i do think the biscuit and gravy are relatively different boards from one another in that the gravy takes the biscuit template and draws it out over greater length and then reduces tail volume.

      That relationship is really close to the Sweet Potato and Potatonator. Th Potatonator takes the strengths of the Sweet potato and the dominator and create a new board that absolutely tears the bag out of average surf. That would be my suggestion out of the current boards, but it won't be out until end of feb or early March...

      Hope this helps!