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Innegra S (polypropylene) cloth, any plans to use it?

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  • Innegra S (polypropylene) cloth, any plans to use it?

    This new Ineggra cloth developed by Ineggrity Technologies looks pretty good. Divers had a video on their site of it stopping a bullet. It is cheaper and lighter than kevlar (aramid) and also half the price of carbon. Apparently it absorbs shock and has some flex properties ideal for surfboards. There seem to be issues with sanding and so it is recommended to be used as an inner layer.

    This looks like it would work well as the internal composite layer next to the EPS foam core in FST then followed by the PVC and final glass layer. Who knows it might even make the PVC layer unnecessary. Are there any plans or R&D taking place?

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    JD uses it already, and his boards are even more bullet proof than the FW from what I've seen


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      Yes there are a few already, Diverse and Wallbridge too in Oz. Admired JDs over on realsurf, everything is meticulous.
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        A True craftsman


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          The R&D team is on it. they constantly are experimenting with new materials, sending boards to be test ridden, etc. In fact, this is how the whole Paulownia trian got started. You can bet they will look into it and if it offers any benefits then we'll certainly try it!