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  • Empty fin plugs / boxes

    Hi Nev,

    With many boards coming with 5-4-3- fin options I've often thought about empty fin plugs / boxes and how they might disturb the flow of water across the most important part of the board, the tail.
    (particularly the Future fin boxes. I surf my Dominator as a thruster most of the time so i have two vacant fin slots.)

    I've used a hose to create a fast flow of water across the bottom of my board and have seen the disturbance to this flow when the water enters and exits the empty fin slots at speed.
    The water will enter and exit at 90 degrees to the bottom of the board at certain flow speeds.
    I am guessing that this disturbed water flow would be increased by a board traveling at speed across a wave face.
    And that it could react in different ways at different speeds as the board manouvers thus creating random drag, and lift.

    I'm thinking of cutting down an old set of fins to create an insert for the box that will finish flush with the bottom of the board.

    Should i stop loosing sleep over this???
    To be honest, with my standard of surfing and my age (60) this will never be a real problem for me.

    I'd be interested in your thoughts



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    Hey Paul, there are Future fin box fillers you can buy pretty cheaply so it's obviously an issue someone has thought about. Was the first thing my mate said (about drag) on viewing my new Hellfire. I'm after some at the moment, haven't checked with Andre at Ultimate Surf yet, may have to order online internationally. They come in 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch. Think the 1/2 inch are what you'd be after.


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      I'd look at it this way. In the last year or so, all Slater's boards have been 5 fin box set ups. If anyone was going to notice a substancial difference with the empty plugs, it's be him and I'm sure he wouldn't be using them if it was dragging.
      Sure Futures might have a bigger opening. but then he's KS.
      As Nige said though, Futures do those fillers which are a good idea if you want piece of mind. Surfing is 90% psychological after all!


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        that it is Prj...


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          just my opinion, Kelly Slater flys on his boards and probably doesnt mind or notice a drag.
          I put a super thin packing tape over my empty futures box slots, noticing a very slight difference when the waves are real fast., I cant tell when the waves are slow and mushy, maybe its psychological, But I will continue to do so now its set in my mind.


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            it probably isn't a big difference, but I completely agree with the idea that if you make a lot of little adjustments.....tweak your fins, ride a comp leash on small days, fill the empty boxes, adjust your track pad back a little bit, lead with your hips etc.....THEN a big difference can be felt...

            so perhaps its a small piece of a bigger puzzle?



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              I've got a comp leash coming for Christmas. Didn't think it'd make a difference but upon inspecting a friends in the line up I deemed it worth while. Especially for my Sub.


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                yeah not a deal breaker, but man, when you are milking it, just a few minor adjustments make a big deal.


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                  And my local Firewire dealer has some kind of teflon like spray you can put on the bottom of your board that apparently reduces drag by some phenomenal percentage???, reckons FCS is taking it up. Pedantic I know but maybe this is where the tech is going.


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                    wanna lose drag???? word.....DEVIANT...

                    oh, and in my case...LOSE 10KG....!!


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                      that or shave muhahahahaha


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                        you mean shave my back iggy..!!


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                          But of course... and the legs for the speedo right??