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  • Which board?

    Hi Nev,

    I need a bit of help choosing a new board if you can help out please.

    I currently have a 6'1 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 DHD D2 model for really good days and a Spitfire 5'8 I take out for everything else. I love both these boards and the cant get enough of the Spitfire and the way it holds its rail.

    The problem is I feel like I am missing the board to go between the two as the Spitfire feels a little too fishy when the waves pick up but still aren't perfect and my DHD only really performs in optimal, sucky conditions. I feel like the DHD doesn't have quite enough volume or width when I land my turns off the lip on slightly bumpy or onshore days so I think I need something with a little more foam under my feet but I dont really want to go bigger?

    I surf every day and live in Sydney and am of intermediate - advanced ability. I am 5'11 and weigh 72kg's.

    I was thinking about a Hellfire as the go to board I need for basically most days but need a bit of guidance as to size and different models if you have suggestions?

    Thanks in advance and Im stoked on the Firewire range.


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    5'10 Hellfire - not much need for anything else, it'll probably replace the spit


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      I'd go 5'8" on the Hellfire, or a Sub Scorcher is worth a look too, or if you can wait a couple of months the Michel Bourez model in 5'10" would probably be a lot of fun for you!

      Edit: This is ask Nev, oops!


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        you could be waiting on Nev's responce


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          Yeah hellfire is a good option, the Michel would be a great one, but so would the Alternator. The alternator is a great average day short board....


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            i can tell you Nev's answer will be HELLFIRE!!!!!!...but chris is right with the others too...if you want to keep the normal board feel then the alt will do it (as will the hellfire) ..but lets not forget the is intended to take your shortboard act into lesser waves...where do you surf in sydney jimmy??


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              Hi guys thanks for the quick response.
              I surf the Eastern Beaches mainly - Bronte, Tama, Maroubra, Bondi etc
              I do really like the feel of the shorter Spitfire style board so maybe the Hellfire or Sub-Scorcher are the way to go.

              What size and volume is right for me given my size, ability etc? Also will the Hellfire feel a lot different to the Spitfire?
              Cheers again


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                I'd go 5'8" on the Sub and Hellfire. It might be the same length as your Spit, but will be more refined and higher performance and probably feel a little closer to your DHD in volume.


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                  my old stomin' ground...i miss cloey bommie bronte reef and early summer morning mac's...sounds like the hellfire will be a good bet...(it always is)..

                  size wise if you ride a 5'8 spit then i would put you on the 5' are similar height/weight to Nev and he rides those boards...

                  YES IT IS DIFFERENT to your spit...its like a shortboard on crack.!..i even ride the 5'10 and i'm 90kg...yesterday in cranking dodgy rocky speedy point (going again in a minute), day before in sub par your weight you will rarely use your dhd around there..maybe cloey or out the back of tama...but the hellfire will replace your shorty in most other conditions..

                  it doesnt ride how it rides pretty much like your shorty, only free-er


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                    sorry phill, i was writing as you posted, i contradicted you....oops


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                      Yeah, but at the same time as you said, you're 90kg on a 5'10" and if someone 72kg is on a 5'10" it's going to be a bit of a boat, especially give his shorty's dims. I'd put him on a 5'6" too.


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                        hes on the cusp really...i'm technically too heavy for it...and i have to be on my game everyday...nev wont get off his 5'10 at the same height/weight as jimmy..but his normal board is a little more than jimmy' lesser waves, the tiny bit of extra area/foam may suit..lets tag chris in here..he's currently wrestling with the front foot bog dilemma..!!....youre gunna love either though jimmy...ok...going down to a crankin' point on my under volumed hellfire.....back later


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                          Great thanks agian for your help guys I will let you know how I get on.


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                            Does Nev still jump online on this forum
                            Looking forward to hearing more insights from the ginger ninja


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                              ha contradiction is ok, it shows that everyone here is crazy...

                              but no good feedback on the board. I think the Hellfire is a good example of a board that can feel different to different surfers. By this I mean if you ride chippy shortboards normally in powerful surf and grab a hellfire for groveling days, then its going to FEEL like a groveler. If, however you ride fishy or higher volume board, think mid lengths like the Addvance, then stepping on a Hellfire will give you the freedom of a shortboard.

                              More so than a lot of boards, the Hellfire can serve many different purposes to many different surfers, but its essentially all about relativity (previous/current quiver relativity).