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Bring back the Lost logos...

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  • Bring back the Lost logos...

    I wish FW would bring back the lost logos on the mayhem shapes. They could rock the dayglo lost logo with the FW logo where it is. That would look super cool. I was a big fan of Matts shapes and rode his boards for years prior to jumping on and pumping Hard earned cash into Firewire s. Fw tech is the best in the business even MB agrees and people you are loyal to his brand IMHO would buy more Fw,s if lost was planted right back in the middle. I also think Nev should have his own logo toooooo. Not to be one sided.
    Hers is a custom decal job. Lost back in the

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    I think they got it right how it is now. ...lost is a clothing brand. Mayhem is the designer. Firewire is the surfboard brand, so it makes sense to brand it as a firewire with the mayhem shaper logo. I'm not a fan of the big, bright lost logo slapped in the middle anyway so I guess I'm biased. I think the newer lost boards with the logo positioned more out of the way looks a lot better aesthetically.


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      I agree 50 % there Phill I like the fu lost logo in the middle of the board but it's Maybe a hint of the old punk / rocker coming out there. But the new setup with the logo further down near the rail is pretty under stated and cool. I am sure Fw could jam one in there again. Fuck marketing and politics. Just flog cool boards.


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