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Any video's of the Chumlee in action?

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  • Any video's of the Chumlee in action?

    I can't find any. This surprises me cos of the many positive words on this boards. But now I want to see it!

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    I havenít seen much either but I know there is a video project in the works by Shredshow at Firewire. It was mentioned on his Instagram.


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      I still haven't found any video of the Chumlee in action. They have arrived in the shops here in Bali, but they don't offer demo rides.

      I'm very interested in a 5'9 Chumlee (I'm: 183cm, 76kg, 54yo) but I'm a bit worried the waves here are too powerful for this shape. I've had bad experiences with an oversized Dominator 6'6, too high on the water no contact feeling with the wave, hard to set rail at backhand.

      And the tail of the CL 5'9 is 18.4" vs Dom 6'6 tail: 16.3".. And overall width the same: 21.3". Hmm, I guess I just answered my own questions..


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        gday tudeo, i have asked the same question, maybe everyone is having so much fun on it they cant be bothered filming it? i did see a very short instagram vid of it but it was impossible to make any assumptions on how it goes.
        I bought a 6'5 chum after seeing a 6'1 in my local surf shop, when i felt the 6'1 i just knew it was a winner, so light and smooth in helium and the rails felt insane, mine is 2 and 7/8ths thick but the nose and tail are so refined it does not feel bulky.
        I have had a lot of experience with the Dom and the CL is a totally different ride, and i have owned a potatonator and ridden the BP.
        I am on the the west coast of Australia and we have powerful waves, the board has reached its limits at overhead steep waves due to its width but my recent experiments with quad fins has given it a completely different feel of hold which i am enjoying.
        I rode my CL recently in the Maldives and it went well , although it would not be my board of choice in perfect well overhead surf. The beachies, Serangan, Balian would be its domain.
        It is incredibly fast, fluid and fun, highly recommended.


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          Thanks for the reply evo maniac, very good to hear the CL goes well in powerful waves. For overhead and/or steep I've got some other boards. I would use the Chumlee until head high on fuller tides were I now use a Submoon 8'2 or a Addvance 6'6. But the CL shape in combination with the (ultra?) light Helium, and the enthusiast reports got to me. Also I don't have a true 'groveler' jet.
          What size would you recommend?
          I'm 76kg, 183cm, 54yo. For (steeper) waves close to shore, and not too much current, I can still paddle a 6'2 Hashtag (33.8L) I don't have a problem getting into waves but for more outside reefs with a lot of water moving around the # is too hard too paddle for me.
          I was thinking 5'9 (35.2L) for the CL, but maybe the 5'11 (38.4L) would be a wiser choice?
          I would expect a smaller CL gives me better control riding more powerful waves, but I'm a bit afraid for the lack of paddle speed with such a short shape. Unfortunately the shops here don't offer a demo..
          I'm wondering how the paddle power of the CL 5'9 (or the 5'11) compares to the longer but a bit lower volumed Hashtag 6'2?
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            When I saw your stats and looked up the 5'9 volume I thought spot on for you, at 74kgs you don't want that cruise ship feeling you get with the other Dan Mann shapes.
            But reading that you have an Addvance and a sub moon changes things a bit, I had a 6'8 spitfire at 49lts as a similar board, sort of a performance mini mal.
            The 47.7lt chumlee for me fills that role now and has a lot more pluses as an unexpected bonus. It is great in full tide small waves because of its huge surface area. It. Also paddles really well and gets into waves like a big board, for waves like airport left, medewi, balangan, Balian, where a fair bit of paddling is involved, it is still a great board at a slightly larger size. My ideal groveller size would be a 6'3, but I am loving the 6'5 longer rail for larger flat waves, and the paddle bonus.
            Being so light with low rails it is easy to turn, the 5'9 as a quad in bigger waves would go great, compare surface area more than volume for paddle ease.