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Chumlee and the Potatonator

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  • Chumlee and the Potatonator

    Hello all,

    It's been a while since I have posted.. but the recent disintegration of my all time favourite 5'6 rapidfire Potatonator has lead me too looking for a new groveller.
    I originally chose the Potatonotor over its more portly cousins as I still wanted to be able to turn and have a bit of feedback and couldn't have been happier with my choice.
    I was slightly shattered to find out that its a 12 to 16+ week wait on a replacement and thought id venture into what else is out there.. and the Chumlee seems to be filling its position in the firewire lineup. I want to cover the 1-3ft mush, onshore stuff where most people wouldnt surf...
    There isnt much consistently good feedback on other shapers grovellers as much as the Dan Mann stuff..

    I was after anyone's thoughts or opinions on:
    a) a comparison between my old faithful 5'6 Potatonator (approx 31 or 32 litres) and and Chumlee 5'7 at 32.8. Should I wait or try a chumlee?
    b) Is the Baked Potato worth a look.. im not digging the vibe as much from it.. looks a bit to "original sweet potato-ish"
    c) anyone seen footage of somebody surfing a chumlee?

    Im not too fussed around volumes but as a guide I ride around 29l for my shortboards and anything above that for a twins/singles....

    (on a side note, since I've been riding a lot of twins lately, thoughts on that photo doing the rounds of the TOMO twin a while back?? wowee...

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    Related to chumlee surf footage, I haven't seen much out there, but I read on shredshow's instagram that he is working on a video project with Dan Mann for the chumlee. Dan Mann's instagram post yesterday also referenced the pending footage. Also, here's a link to the wire podcast with a discussion of the sweet potato, baked potato, and chumlee. It's pretty good.


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      Nicbroomy, I think you will like the Chumlee. I demo'd the 5'7" and it went well and I ended up buying the 5'5" since a very lightly used one popped up on craigslist. Couldn't be happier so far. I'm also around 29 liters for my normal shortboard. The 5'3" CL would have been smaller than my current daily driver so I figured the 5'5" is a better bet and will allow me to surf some really mushy/soft breaks too. The board catches waves very easily, but also turns surprisingly well. The Helium tech is really cool. Makes you feel like you can really swing the board around with ease.


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        Thanks gents. Im not really loving the look or feedback from the baked potato. The Chumlee looks like the logical replacement for my old faithful..


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          CL is way ahead of the PN , BP etc