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  • Chumlee 4th surf

    Just had one of the best surfs in shoulder high reef break wally waves.
    Perfect chumlee waves.
    The board suits my surfing, paddles insane, stable fast and gets on rail really easily. The first pump from takeoff gets you speeding along and ready to do whatever turn the wave allows.
    On one wave i stood up late and my front foot was too far forward, and i was going too fast to change it so i decided to try a cutback anyway, most boards i would have bogged a front rail, But the CL is very forgiving. When i got my feet right with back foot on tail kick the board carves beautiful high speed on rail turns, so smooth and precise. I dont really like the look of the tail but it is fantastic to surf.
    I could easily ride a smaller one, mine being a 6'5, especially as a groveller, but this board is magic and i cant see myself riding anything else unless it gets steep and way overhead.
    I saw a mate going out on his baked, told him to go buy a CL.
    This board will end up being a modern classic, its incredible.
    As fast as the evo but easier to surf.
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    Hey Keith, how would you describe the difference between evo and CL on waves? What limitations and upsides do you see ? Cheers


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      Apache, I rode my 5-10 EVO tri and 5-11 CL quad in Mag Bay last week. Head high to a bit overhead. I found the CL WAY faster!! Makes nice smooth turns. I think if I could have one board, I would take the CL due to its groveler range, but also because it can handle overhead waves too. Seemed to be snappier in turns too!


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        I agree SD, I think the only slight advantage with the evo is the evo has better hold taking off on really steep waves.

        The CL could easily cover 90% of your surfs anywhere but Hawaii.

        Somewhere like the Maldives it would be the only board you need.

        I would buy a smaller one and have 2! Or have a Midas for bigger steeper waves, although I would be confident the CL could handle 1.5 oh.


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          Nice photos SD, especially the last one of the CL, very similar waves to what i was surfing yesterday. I wish someone had taken a photo of me doing a high speed forehand cutback, it was one of the best ones i have ever done and the board was so on rail it felt like it was almost at 90 degrees to the water.
          I think the CL is more connected than the evo when turning, for me its the longer and lower rail that feels so right. It is everything the spitfire and dom tried to be but lacked. Dan could even bring out an updated Dom with CL foam distibution.
          Apache, i am still keeping my evo but i cant see too many situations where i would use it over the CL. The CL seems less sticky on all parts of the wave due to the single concave into V, and the huge round tail combines perfectly with the rails and foil.
          DM is a very good designer of boards and this one is by far his best of the ones i have ridden.


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            Well I hate the looks of the tail and the width of the CL to be honest. Meanwhile the double concave design plus rail/tail shape are a work of art after holding one in my hand. So I'd go a small as possible if at all to keep it narrower. Then, maybe, that's just plain wrong like going bigger on the evo ?????

            As ya know I am well covered in the allrounder / better wave segment but still eying the evo as low end option. CL could be an alternative here. Then, the evo looks good to me, CL is a bit like the carbon hydro or baked, I think it's really ugly. And I don't know how it looks on the wave being surfed, near nil footage yet out there.
            Could be the case were it feels great to surf it but you'll look like a kook Lol. Anyways, no hurry here.

            How does it behave in choppy windblown stuff? That's what I fear that with such a wide design coupled with low rails it won't be that foregiving as one thinks, as thicker rails may help then. And it could be bounced around a lot. That's an upside of the older Tomo designs like evo, even Vader, mid rails weren't very sensitive (and unlike sci-fi catching many edges in choppy stuff), so ok in choppy stuff (of course the Vader tail is a liability then, evo less so). Maybe bigger CLs overcome this by sheer size? I guess a really sized up sci-fi will be way more foregiving too.... cheers
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              apache I reckon the CL is a way better board for small and weaker conditions. It is way more manoeuvrable, even though it is super wide. I guess that comes down to the spine in the middle. Also, the tail doesn't feel that wide. Feels more connected with the wave and carves much smoother than the evo, even in choppy water. I had the evo at almost the same volume and definitely felt I was surfing better and having more fun on the CL. I guess that it is all about having fun so you should get one.

              Also, I have surfed the evo in Hossegor in the exact condition you are describing and it does get hung up a bit on the take of. Especially when there is a bit of on offshore, which is often the case in the mornings in France.

              I'm with you that ecstatically it is not pretty and I was a bit hesitant myself, but I am so stoked that I pulled the plug and got one. Get a 5'9 CL. Pretty sure you will love it.


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                forum sux
                Hey apache, ugly???how dare you, you had a vanguard/vader didnt you?

                Yes, im afraid i agree, its not like i would show it off to anyone as i walk from the carpark to the waves. In fact i showed some guys yesterday, the same ones who turn their nose up at my evo, i put it on the grass and i could not come up with anything to say apart from i got it to beat the mal riders, mine is even more hideous because it is shaped like a goodyear blimp! 6'5 and 2-3ft wide.
                I always hated the sweet potato shape and look at me now, all i can say is Dan Mann has produced a gem along the lines of the cornice.
                As for 'feeling' better than it looks, that is always a consideration, something that occurs with hypto crypto riders i reckon.haha......but the CL is the real deal, i have been surfing for 45 years, i know when im kooking and know when im in form. Baked potato mate who was 50m away on the beach noted that the speed off the bottom was obvious.
                I have gone from frustrating surfs on my evo and especially the sci fi, to knowing i will have a great session on the CL.

                I rode it on Sat in waist high onshore rights in a rippy sandbreak, it it felt solid and smooth, even though it is light and low railed, the surface area is perfect in proportion to everything else.
                Agree with everything you say norberg, it is incredibly maneuverable [hate spelling that word] and i could see myself getting a smaller one for summer junk.