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    Interesting that this thread ended up here. It took me a while to find it.

    Hey Chris, how do you like your 5'10? You and I are about the same size and weight, and live in the same area. I'm used to you going a bit smaller than me on the sizes. I'm considering the 5'9, but noticed that you went with the 5'10. If you could do it over again, would you do the same?


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      Originally posted by cucuson View Post
      So here's my take on first surf of uni 5'11 w am2 techflex trifin set up. Chest to headhigh 75-100 yrd rides reef in semi-clean surf. The Uni paddles great cought any wave I wanted , at one point I had to slow down as the boys in the water where giving me the stink eye cause I was catching so many waves. Quik get up and go and very responsive in turns ,does S turns with ease very solid top turns & sooo fast I was making sections that a lot of the other boyz wherent making. Cant wait to try it in overhead surf. Very solid and fast board!!! Im in love!!!
      Good to hear more positive reviews. I'm currently waiting on delivery of a 5'8, none in the country at the moment so looking about another week or two before I can get my hands on one. Which doesn't matter now anyway as I pulled the intercostal muscle in my rib cage while bodyboarding on Saturday and even breathing hurts. Prob out of the water for at least 3-4 weeks grrrr.


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        hey Csarqui,
        Yeah well i have been spending a little time back on the east coast to help with an ill family member and the Unibrow came to me right as I was heading back so I took a size that was a touch less volume than my 508 Dominator which I absolutely loved as my small wave board on the east coast.

        The 510 Unibrow has been awesome here, but yeah if I lived somewhere that I didn't wear a thick wetsuit or I was constantly on waves at 13 second periods or better, i would be on the 509. Here thought the 510 has been perfect for me, but I could ride either.

        Really versatile board!


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          What did the OP mean by "quick tail push down"


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            Originally posted by garek007 View Post
            What did the OP mean by "quick tail push down"
            There's another term for it that's escaping me at the moment, but what he's talking about is the technique where you get a quick burst of speed from a sitting position by grabbing the front of the board and sinking the tail, then as you lay down, the board squirts forward as it pops back up. It can give you quick acceleration as you start to paddle, or you can even use it for a no-paddle takeoff in some conditions if you time it right.


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              My favourite technique :D