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    I'm hoping there's a few surfers on here from the area, I am going down to San Diego mid September for work so I figured I'd pack my Dominator and get a few days of surfing in while I'm down there. I'm wondering where the best breaks are that are closest to the airport, and maybe a recommended place to stay that is close by as I don't plan on renting a car.

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    Well I just got back and I ended up staying in Oceanside. Did a few days surfing there, then went to Huntington beach but it was very sloppy and crowded. I spent the most time in Trestles, the water was dead calm and had waste-chest high waves and had a blast. I surfed cotton and had a few hours a day when I had no one else on the break with me! The Dominator was perfect for these conditions, I don't think I have ever caught so many waves.


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      sounds like a good time!


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        Originally posted by alltrue View Post
        ..., I don't think I have ever caught so many waves.
        These days are brilliant...always make for the best night's sleep and great memories. I stayed in OC for a month and got Trestles during the week fairly uncrowded a lot...but that was a long time ago, glad to hear it is still possible.


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          Welcome to my neighborhood. I will never take it for granted. Same board too. Glad you got a lot of waves. I am relegated to weekends, but I am still amazed that after 10 am on most weekends, you can still find yourself out with only four or five other guys - even at Uppers or Middles. I've even caught Lowers with ten guys out. For the rest of the world, watch the ASP WCT event coverage from the Hurley Pro this week to see how blessed we are! BTW, the mountain biking in my back yard is also world class - especially in winter. Don't move here - it sucks.


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            Yeah but the mountain lions down in Socal eat people!

            Herzalot, I guess you go Trabuco Canyon and ride around in the green belt somewhere?


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              Sharks eat people in Oz... SoCal people don't taste very good - too much plastic surgery!

              I haven't ridden much in Trabuco Canyon, but very nearby on a run called The Luge. Great 2 mile singletrack drop of intermediate gradient and minor trail features including several small drops and constant exposure (read extremely steep sides). Very fun. I have dropped Trabuco from the Main Divide once. I am guessing you visited the area and did some riding?

              Ooops, sorry Alltrue, thread hijack...
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                Originally posted by Herzalot View Post
                Sharks eat people in Oz...
                Nah they just rip your limbs off, for their delicacy people limb soup, and throw the rest back!

                Haven't ridden anywhere in Socal only Norcal (SC to SF). Surfed Socal when I visited that kept me busy enough but had friends at Cote de Caza and stayed out there and looked like there was plenty of potential.