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Sunblock and board short chaffing- Tropical areas

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  • Sunblock and board short chaffing- Tropical areas

    Hi all,


    My HeadHunter is lacking these days.

    Even hear in Cali after putting a ton on I still get cooked.

    Any one try Vertra Kona Gold or any of there other models or the Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid?


    Thinking of either BodyGlide for the inner thigh as again, I use a wet suite 365 or lycra shorts under my board shorts.

    Any thoughts?

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    Best sunscreen ever is SolRx made in Currumbin Qld can buy on line, Chaffing BBB cream, although I've never experienced chaffing from my wetty


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      Hi 50,

      Thanks for the info.

      I meant chafing while in board shorts. I'll check the BBB cream as well.


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        Have you tried the seamless board shorts like the stretch Rip Curl pricey but worth it. Don't make you surf like Fanning though lol


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          The mirage series from Ripcurl are pretty nice, almost like wearing nothing. The O'neill are also pretty good!


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            Yeah, the newer boardies don't seem to chaff at all. I have a good pair from Rip Curl and had another good one from Billabong which were great (Taj ones actually but I only bought them because I liked the colour) but as the weight started to peel back off the boardies got too big.


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              I have a pair of those Oakley boardies that came in a super fancy box and cost like $220 !! ( I didnt pay that though) . They have an inner that is exactly like those speedo swimming shorts the Olympians wear so when I wear my other boardies I just wear speedos under underneath ...never have chaffing since ..and that combo doesnt cost as much..


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                for chaffing relief and quick healing "papaw ointment" best stuff ever


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                  Do you guys mean Speedos that are like super small butt huggers?

                  Speedo makes a boxer style as well so I would like some clarification.


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                    Speedos: the original budgie smugglers used by Olympic swimmers before the speed suits came into vogue. (Budgie, short for budgerigar - a small colourful bird from the parrot family).

                    Always wear them under the wetsuit. Never had any chafing issues but the paw paw cream is used by cyclists a lot for saddle sores.

                    I have some Body Glove (JOB model) and Billabong Platinum series boardshorts, both in that superstretch and water repellant material, never catches or chafes and feels like you aren't wearing much. Feels a bit weird actually, when wet they seem like they're electrostatically stuck to me.
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                      Go the Mirage Rip curl board shorts Mick Fanning signature. Like wearing nothing, def no chaffing, but as I said they don't make you surf like Mick unfortunately.


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                        I agree with Slowman the paw paw cream is great I used the BBB cream when I was on my road bike


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                          Thanks guys.

                          Funny the new boardies have no style or quality feel to em, in my opinion.

                          Not to mention like $100 for a pair? Hey I can afford it and all but pffffft! Nada man.

                          Prefer and have a load of cotton boardies and will get the nut smugglers, aka Speedos as type of under armor.

                          Oh and great call on the SolRX, man that stuff rocks.

                          - aurf


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                            Glad I could help mate.


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                              Don't forget the good ol' zinc for those highly sensitive areas around the face. Just be careful not to get it smeared onto your makes life interesting!

                              I used Banana Boat over in Indo and it worked pretty well. Also Banana Boat have an Aloe Vera after sun green gel which is great after when you want to get the heat out...I notice how they avoided using the word moisturiser LOL. Don't care it does the job.

                              Hey 50, new product called Aussie Butt Cream works really well on saddle sores.
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