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Tamarindo area early Dec

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  • Tamarindo area early Dec

    Hi all,

    Traveling to CR and will be in the Tamarindo area from the 12/4-14th.

    Whats the best board for this time of year; EF, HR or BP?

    I only feel like bringing 1 board.

    - aurf

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    I'd go El Fuego, It's a pretty sloppy beach break, the baked would even be fun out there.


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      Nice man, will do.

      Thanks a lot.

      By the way, whats are some note worthy breaks in say 1 hour driving distance?

      Perhaps I will book a boat ride to Olies or Witches.


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        hey aurf, going to depend on the swell. If there is a strong N swell, Tamarindo can actually be fun.

        I would encourage you to check out Playa Grande, Avellanas, Marbella and Negra. All are a blast. Marbella and Negra seem to pull the most out of the smaller Dec south swells. Grande as well.

        Also go El Fuego unless the surf report looks really good or really bad right before you leave. When traveling with 1 board, always leave it until the last minute.


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          Agree with Negra. When I went Tamarindo was basically 1ft slop, we went to Negra and it was headhigh and real fun.


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            Nice posts dudes. Thanks a lot.

            Yes, will bring the EF, although been lovin the BP.


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                I will also be in Tamarindo at the same time. I will be taking two boards, a larger board for the smaller days, and a 6' for the river mouth.


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                  I'll most likely be doing the same.

                  The river mouth, hmmm. Just saw an I'm Alive episode, a croc gnaws on this guys leg in Costa Rica near a river mouth.


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                    Ah we had to cross a river in CR to get to a beach. I wasn't happy about it. I let my mate go first seeing as I'm such a gent...


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                      ... and a true gent at that PRJ.

                      I noticed this pattern of near river mouths, estuaries and murky water, especially after it rains.

                      All that nutrient rich sediment etc brings out the fish which then brings out the even bigger fish.

                      I give plenty of thought, fear and respect to mother nature.

                      Often these seals pop up at my break, I simply turn and paddle the other way. You don't want a seal mad doggin ya.
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                        Would any one have a recommendation on who to book with in terms of trips to Ollies/Witches Rock and other note worthy breaks?

                        I found Witches Rock Surf Camp which seems to have pretty comprehensive area coverage. Any one use em before?

                        Back in the day before the CR land rush, I would just hunt down a fisher man and pay him well for a full days excursion. But now a days, I think the charm of being a visitor from the US are long gone.