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Which board for a big guy to complete my quiver

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  • Which board for a big guy to complete my quiver

    Hi firewire team,

    I'm currently having struggling on my choices

    I currently have 2 firewires :
    a 6'4 dominator FST which i'm using from 80 cm to 1m50 not too steep
    a 6'0 sweet potatoe FST which i'm using from 40 cm to 1m not too steep

    all are second hands but the volume was not far from being the good ones. SP is a bit overvolumed but i'm stocked with both boards.

    for other/steeper conditions, i use a 7'4 PU campbell bonzer egg replica from my local shaper

    I'm currently surfing in France in South Brittany, but I also go back in South west of France where i used to live and bought my boards. I'm 6'3 tall, 100kg, and a very advanced beginner :) (cutbacks, simili rollers).
    I really like FST round tail firewire, i just found my perfect volume would be tween 39-45L, but as i dont' find the one that i would like to purchase as second hands, i'm going to invest on 2 or 3 new boards so i wouldn't like to order the wrong ones considering the price. FST firewires are very a good investment in time when the board is the good one though, very solid.

    I'm searching a FST round tail step up for my dominator, as my higher range waves catcher (1m50, 2m, or 2m50 if manageable) and that could accept steeper waves like in the "Les Landes" in Sw of France. I was thinking about an alternator in 6'8 but i would like to keep a round tail, and that one is only available on a 6'10 which i think would be overvolumed.
    Do you know if it is possible to order a custom one with 6'8 and a round tail alternator from a French firewire dealer? or Maybe a 6'8 custom round tail Michel Bourez?
    if not, which board and stock size do you recommend I should order?

    For lower range wave but steeper than the one i'm surfing with my SP, I'm struggling to choose between a Potatonator in 6'2 (not round tail, but maybe space tail would not feel so different?) and a Double agent in 6'4 (more round tail) or baked potatoe (not available in FST). Which of those 3 ones you would recommand?

    For mid-range waves but steeper than the one i'm surfing with my dominator, I'm struggling to choose between a 6'4 hashtag (undervolumed for me i think, but highest size available) and a 6'6 unibrow and a 6'4 mini driver (undervolumed i think also , but highest size available). Which of those 3 ones you would recommand?


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    You are my double. Get a 509 baked potato, a 606 unibrow, and a 609 hell razor. That will cover you from knee high to 2x OH+ Once you get bigger than that, you'll need the extra volume in the 610 alt.


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      Ok Justo,

      i'll take your advice as a very good one ...


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        no probs mate. Might be worth posting this in the alternator or unibrow sections as well. you'll get a few more hits there.

        good luck!


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          Hey flo what did you finally get??? Bon Flo t'as pris quoi en fin de compte????? une unibrow?? si oui tu veux faire un retour???