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Portugal Summer 2013

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  • Portugal Summer 2013

    hey guys! as the post says, im going to portugal this summer for about 3 weeks with some friends, and I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advice where to surf(cheap is better!), and how the waves are in summer. Im going to buy a new FW but it solely depends on the conditions over there. Was thinking Sweet P or Baked P 5'4 or 5'6. I'm 193 tall and weight 90+kg(around 93 dry). Currently own a Dom 6'4 fst which i believe to be a little big for me(could have gone 6'2)

    thanks in advance

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    Hi luis!
    Portugal is most probably the best european surfingdestination. Autumn and spring is best considering watertemp. And swell. In summer you may expect flat spells. But anyway the westcoast beachbreaks work qite often. Northerly wind are most common, so get up early! Bring a 3/2 wetsuit And a lot of sunscreen. Most beautiful beaches are in the south. North sees a bit more swell in summer but is not as nice.
    Having he stormrider guide europe might help.
    Have fun


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      If you have a dom 64 keep it for grovelling and get a good wave board.
      If you like the way the dom feels how about a minidriver or unibrow depending on the top end of conditions you want to surf?
      If you are after a one board quiver for portugal in summer and you like the feeling of the dom then a unibrow might be a good bet.


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        yea its currently between a hellfire and a unibrow. my dom is currently in the caribbean and i wont be able to ship it here in time so im looking for a one board quiver for the 3 weeks, which is more highperfomance than the dom so that when i send it down, i have a groveller and a hiper for bigger/better days ;)

        the question tho is....what size :P guess ill have to test in portugal


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          I have a Dom 510 and its just the right amount of float for a small wave board for me.
          I am in between sizes with the hellfire I would want to be on a 61.
          I am deciding between the 60 unibrow and a 60 sub scorcher.