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  • Queensland demo

    I'm in sunny Queensland for work then I'm heading to Mooloolabah to meet the family for the weekend. I'm also going to try and sneek in a demo or two. Do any of the Qld crew know if there is anywhere near by I can do this? just so happens there is a cyclone looming further north this morning as well! maybe all these recent months not being able to get good waves are about too pay off.

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    Where are you in Queensland? Obviously youve got Firewire at Currumbin or a better selection at Volom Boardlab who hold most of the demo's these days


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      g'day 50, I'm heading to Mooloolabah (if that's how you spell it!)


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        Goanna An't no demo's up here on the Sunshine Coast we all have to go to the gold coast or just buy one and hope its right all though you might get a 5'8" vanguard at "Beach beat" Alex headlands opposite the surf club if woodsie will lend you it there should be some swell here round tuesday looks like wev'e got this weekend off P.S. I dont think you can get a demo on the Goldie on the weekend not from Currumbin anyways