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    I've got really excited about the whole FireWire idea through a friend and I would like to buy one of them..but which one??
    I'm 86 and 186 cm tall...I can surf, always surfed but not that good..and I probably want to catch more waves..I surf a 6'1 x19,5x 2 5/16...what's the spil? Anyone has an idea of which kind of shape could be mine? Cheers

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    Well, looks like you want an allrounder, there's several to choose from, I think these would be suitable:
    In no particular order...
    1. 6'0 Jacknife
    2. 5'11 Unibrow
    3. 6'0 Minidriver
    4. 6'0 Hellfire
    5. 6'3 Hellrazor
    Where abouts do you surf mostly and what wave types? That should help fine tune any recommendations.


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      On the same topic:
      I am in need of a recommendation to buy my first board.
      I have been learning to ride a soft board for the last 4 months and now looking to progress.
      I'm not too sure of a longboard as I'm only 152cm tall and I am hoping to eventually learn a few tricks.
      I'm in my 20s, a girl and weigh around 60kg. I'm not up for big waves yet but looking to surf around waist high to chest high waves. I'm from Perth and usually make it to the beach once or twice a week , usually around Perth .
      Some people have suggested a fish.
      Some good advice would be great . Thanks


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        good advice slowman!

        rslyn, there are a lot of good options. I would say that you should look to consider the Potatonator. It is a versatily and stable board that won't give you a tone of extra volume. You will be able to paddle it well, but also manage it in the surf. look in the 508 range to start. it will be a little bigger than you need, but it will help you improve as a surfer and you can downsize when you begin outperforming the board.

        Cheers and hope this helps.