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  • Burma / Myanmar

    Looks like I may be headed that way in May for around 3 months or so, assuming the up coming elections go smoothly..

    I know June-Sept is the monsoon season for the Bay of Bengal region, so there should be swell (and the onshores that go with them), but in terms of info on spots etc the pickings are slim to say the least.

    Has anybody else been out that way to surf, or know of anybody that has? I've already found the little info available on the established surf spot sites as well as an 10year old PDF from a surf mag, but again, any insights would be welcome.

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    What I see is that it shows promise. Apparently it receives good swell, sounds like the spots are waiting to be discovered. Lucky you, you'll get naming rights!

    There is nothing better than discovering new spots and riding some place that no one has ever ridden before. I thought I'd done it once only to find out later it was already a known spot, nevertheless, it's still a bit of a thrill to be amongst the first few. Personally, I find exploring is a lot of fun, it can turn a B-grade point break in some exotic place into an A-grade experience.