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  • Indo

    What FW boards have people ridden over there and where? and how did they go?

    Im new to this Firewire thing, but have a 6,3 flex fire and a 5,10 Hellfire, I can see both boards going off over there, can't wait to get back.

    I can see the Hellfire being a great all rounder on smaller days to head high days and the 6'3 for the more solid down the line days.

    BTW. In regards to Indo, ive spent about 2 years off my life over there all over, but mostly Sumatra, and i think the biggest mistake guys make is not taking there everyday standard short board and thinking you need the tradtional indo gun style board in all areas of indo, true these boards go great in long down the line solid tubes at places like Ullus, G-land, Desert pt etc where the trades are blowing steady offshore all day and you need the length to get in early, race down the line and then the long paddle back out but you also got to be realistic even if Outside corner Ullus is breaking or Padang padang, are you going to surf them, or be looking for something just as perfect but not so serious?

    In places like the Mentawai's, telo's etc unless its really solid at places like HT's Riffles, Kandui, Bankvaults etc a lot of the waves are more rippable still got bite but generally little current to paddle against and winds are normally light and waves/swell clean and a shorter more peformance style board fits in to the shape of the waves better.

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    I have taken my 6'2 Taj over and it was my go to board for pretty much everything
    The extra rocker seemed to fit perfectly in the bowl and ther was no flat sections to deal with
    It seemed like the perfect board for Indo
    I'm not sure how the hybrid boards would go over there, I usually don't take them to Indo
    Rode a pod over there years ago and it just slid out the majority of the time and it always felt like you had to wash off speed
    A high performance hybrid could be different though
    With all the extra power that Indo waves have I think you can't go wrong with the FW hp boards


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      good stuff indodreaming!!