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  • Light wind board

    I’m sold on the KP-1 wave slayer and will be ordering one soon.

    I am really interested to hear what other people recommend as a light wind board to complement the KP-1 or whether I need one at all?

    I got excited when the new HKF510 was released but at 29.4L I think that will just be too much board for me so thinking the KHF506 would be better.

    Any other suggestions/comment?


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    You are preaching to the choir my friend. I am 6'4", 215 lbs and live in Southern Cal...thus I understand the light wind issues. The KP-1 will definitely not be a light wind weapon unless you are a small grom or rider. Even then, a thruster setup will always be worse in light wind conditions for tacking.

    Put in this way, I ride the 506 Hellfire in 15-18 mph in the quad setup powered, going upwind. It has plenty of volume and is an all around great board. Although it is a 506, you will find it floats well. I am looking forward to the 510 Hellfire as my new lighter wind weapon...and 4" shouldn't be a big deal because a 510 is still pretty small and snappy.

    If you are under 200 lbs, stick with the 506, if you are over, go with the 510. I tested the pro to 510 last year for a solid season and was stoked on it. Everyone will be frothing when they get their paws on it.

    There might be some variation in the board lineup for the future, but for now, the Hellfire is the way to go.

    Even consider the 506 and 510, meaning using the 506 as a replacement for the KP-1. It all depends on your riding style, but the KP-1 is definitely a wave slayer and will be more happy in top to bottom surf.

    If you end up with the KP-1, make sure you get a deviant fin for your thruster will act like a quad for upwind ability, and be loose off the bottom and off the top...



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      Hey Grant,

      I am 5’11”/160lb and I just changed my “signature” to reflect metric and imperial units.

      Yeah the KP-1 looks to me like it will want to be powered up to perform the way it was designed for and in Perth (Australia) I think it will be in its element in the winter fronts (16-30kn) and our typical summer sea breezes (18-23kn).

      Point taken on considering both Hellfire’s as I can see plenty of overlap with the KHF506 and KP-1 but I know I will have some epic sessions on the KP-1 when the wind and waves are up and I assume the 506 will be such a fun snappy board to ride when the wind and waves aren’t optimal.

      Brian has previously suggested (on the old forum) I go the Hellfire 506 over the 510 and I really just wanted to hear if other kiters would suggest either of the other boards in the firewire line up to pair up with the KP-1. I have heard some very good reports on the KHF506 from guys over east(Oz).

      I am hoping the KHF506 will get me out say from ~14kn(10m Reo) and then going the KP-1 when the wind and waves are better. Also I will probably ride the 506 strapless in the lighter winds. In sub 14kn and down to ~7kn I go to my Sector or race boards and a 13m VXR. But I always ride one of my kite surfboards before the other toys come out.

      Thanks for the heads up on the Deviant fin; I would have been asking about that too. Sounds like it is well worth trying and if it’s only half as good as the advertising says it will still be money well spent.

      Many thanks for the info.



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        That would be a great for a wave quiver Slack. Any other questions, let us know!