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  • Quadraflex Question

    I'm looking at the KQF and it is a 5 fin board (quad or thruster) but when I look at the board at Real Kiteboarding it is a 4 fin board (quad only). Has the KQF recently evolved and Real has old stock?

    Check it out:

    I was there on the weekend and they have this board, a couple Taj's and a 5'8" Dominator. They have some boards in their rental shop as well.

    The KQF was suggested to me (old forum) as an addition to my 5'11" Camacho quad ... want another board for lighter winds.
    My plan is to do a rental (down in Hatteras 6/9-6/16) and map up my mind on the board.

    Do you know if they are getting any new stock of boards? What about the new 5'10" Hellfire? I'll check with them too.


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    I think I figured out some of this by looking at the surfboard site ... the Quadraflex has evolved into the Quad 5 and the guys at Real have the Quadraflex.
    They say they will not be getting any new stock until Sep or possibly Oct, something about factory problems?

    What is the current delivery time on a Quad-5 direct from you guys? Do you have any stock?



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      Hey Tony,

      It's probably an older board. The KQF has had a fifth fin box for at least a couple months now.



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        If you want, contact Firewire direct and they can set you up with a quad 5. It is just a newer model with an added fin box as Brian pointed out...and I think we got some in stock. It is a great board all around. I tend to like the quad for upwind ability and versatility. Let us know if you got any more questions! We are just getting started with the new forum and ambassador program, so if you haven't, sign up!