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    I owned for two years a hellfire in 5.10 and was pretty happy with this board in waveriding - only strapless. But since one year I start to do also a lot of jumping when it is mushy and no nice waves. I figured out that the kit Version of the hf is way to heavy for jumping and even for waveriding it is too heavy. So I bought a Al Merrick sampler in 5.10 and jumping was a lot better due to the less weight. I ordered the board in S glassing and till now no real dings or other Problems with lamination. 6 Month old. But the sampler has too much volume on the rail, which is good, when you ride the wave without kitepower, but to turn it is a mess and too difficult compared with my trusty old hf. Also the rocker on the back is less than on the hf and I think, this makes it also difficult to snap or cutback...
    So I am looking for something else and came to the idea that the hf in surf fst or the spitfire in surf fst could be good compromise. What do you think? Where are the differences in bottum contour, rocker and rail to rail Performance on These two models in 5.10?
    Can you recommend one of These? Is the spitfire too much of a grooveler?