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Choosing both Vanguard and Vader. Range covered?

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  • Choosing both Vanguard and Vader. Range covered?

    Lots of people seems to seek advice when choosing between Vanguard and Vader, but I'm more interested in Vader vs classic shapes for relatively clean medium size surf. Sharing of any experience will be much appreciated.

    Please bear with me as I try to explain my little upgrade puzzle.

    Got a deal on North Whip last year, their Tomo-like shape (too bad they didn't print their respect), and I was sold, on what straighter rails could do for me in lesser conditions. Goodbye to the 5'6'' Whip and welcome to the Vanguard 5'4'' that I will pick up next week. Wanted the real thing, understand that it turns better. At 85kg, 190cm and relatively long legs comfortable in a bit wide stance, the 5'6'' still felt unnecessarily big. So I guess Vanguard 5'4'' will be just fine, but please warn me if you think otherwise, because the dealer also has a VG 5'6''.

    On the other side of the range I will also be picking up a North Kontact, for big surf and conditions with strong wind and chop (attending some downwind races, then som travel to bigger better waves whenever I can). This is the only surfboard I will ride (part of the time) with straps. Used an older Kontact and liked it a lot for some purposes. Pretty sure I will keep some big-surf board in the future as well.

    I'm also getting rid of my North Wam 5'10'' 2013, partly because it's a bit tiny for my level of experience in the regular spot/weather conditions, but mostly because I don't think I'll ever get the deck pads right with the strap mounts (prefer wax though), so I'd like a dedicated strapless board for going down the line (while being able to get back when needed).
    So I'd very much like to hear your impressions: Will the Vader fill a considerable gap between the extremes I mentioned, or is it likely that I also will miss a medium to small surf board with traditional shape, like the North Pro Surf?

    I'm not in good conditions very often, but I have great pleasure from optimizing the best days - and making the best out of lesser conditions. So I can spend some on boards. Knowing a little about the upper range expectancy for Vader would be great though, for times when traveling far.

    I understand that the Vanguard and the Vader will turn out to do different jobs best, and it makes completely sense to have them both. (ok, maybe not bring them on the same flight)
    Guess my question in essence is, - what to expect from Vader in well overhead waves, when most use traditional shapes.

    Thanks :)

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    ..or put simply: Ruling out big waves, anything at all I would miss from a traditional surfboard, choosing Vader?


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      ..okay, guess comparing with other kiteboards wasn't for this forum. But I got valuable comments posting the same question on Seabreeze.
      Will know the rest when I pick up Vader and Vanguard this weekend!