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Identifying the Vanguard kiteboard. Differences between years?

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  • Identifying the Vanguard kiteboard. Differences between years?

    Hi there,

    I'm getting a Vanguard, and I hope someone can help me becoming able to identify the right one.
    When I arrive at my holiday destination, the local dealer have put aside a Vanguard FST ("Timber rail") for me, supposedly the kite version.

    From the Firewire website it looks like the ONLY visual difference is that the kiteboard has red graphic details, but the paddle board has no red. Anything else?

    Then I head some vague rumors about a changed Vanguard for 2016. Although I'm offered a nice price, I'll consider ordering elsewhere if their remaining boards are "too old".
    Can't find anything about annual upgrades while searching the web, so maybe this board was "born fully developed"? ;)

    Anything else I should look out for?
    Thanks ;)


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    AFAIK, there were no shape changes between the years. The FST kite construction, also AFAIK, was only offered in 5.0, 5.2, 5.4, and 5.6 sizes. Odd inches may be FST, but not "kite" construction.


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      The serial number will be different on the FST & kite construction, I,m pretty sure the "kite" starts with the letters KTE.


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        Thanks Bushflyr and top,
        So the year is not an issue and I'll double check for kite edition with the serial number.


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          So this weekend I'm buying the Vader, and most likely the Vanguard.
          The shop will sell me a new Vanguard, non-reinforced surf-edition (not kite), for less than half regular price.
          For that price it feels right to take the chance of breakage. Both boards are getting the WMFG Stubby Six Pack full deck pad, so hopefully pressure dents will be less of a problem, at least visually.

          Or would you strongly advice against using a non-kite edition for kiting at all?
          (the kite-edition Vader is the one to endure the biggest days..)

          Fin-boxes are positioned just the same for both versions?
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            Digging up this old post.

            You can spot an older Kite Vanguard by its graphics. Older boards don't have the "ecoboard" X logo on the leash plug. Newer boards don't have the Felix Pivec signature below the Firewire logo.
            On this picture the older board is on the left: https://scontent-cdg2-1.cdninstagram...47767552_n.jpg

            As long as you don't jump and don't ride full speed in the chop the surf-edition board will be fine. The deck pad does protect the board only downside is you won't see cracks when they appear.