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Looking for medium to high wind strapless surf board

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  • Looking for medium to high wind strapless surf board

    Hello, I looking for information on shape and size to see if I can find on FireWire range the board that will allow me to kite strapless in medium to high wind. I from north west France and meanly kite in North Sea (Netherlands and Belgium) for the moment. The wave are in general multi peack, with choppy and a bit weak and not that hollow Until this summer I was using a Fone signature 5'10 that I optimise using M5 system from McKee (much better on quad setup) and cutting the nose and adding a channel ( good for upwind confort with choppy and having the board less nose diving) but at the end the shape is made for more hollow and power full wave than in North Sea. I start my new quiver with an Alaia for the range 8kts to 15-18kts that really fun in wave if not to choppy and on flat water. For wave I use the Wainman passport 5'11 that great for the weak wave the board is wide with a lot of volume I can down size the kite and put the surfing first and as option with proper wave surf the board with no kite. With the winter coming I really start looking for a board that will allow me to surf the North Sea easily during winter storm I was thinking at the vanguard (5'2 or 5'4)? I am worried that the Vader with the extra rocker will miss the little things to get the weak wave and keep it? Should I wait a kite version of the evo? I am not looking for the crazy board to do short move I keep my surf style that more old style with long curve I am 1.82m for 72kg All advice and help on my search would be great Thank you Sam

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    Hi Sam, You could probably consolidate on boards as the Vader would work great for all conditions. If your looking for more of a vertical tight turning board the Vader would be better over the Vanguard. The Vanguard will do slightly better upwind when it's light but based on what you said your looking for I think the Vader would be a better choice. I'm 2kg heavier than you and ride the 4'10" Vader as my daily board. It does great in all conditions. If that small of a size worries you, you could do a 5'1" and be fine.

    Hope this helps,