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  • Heip with question please


    Is it possible to get the vanguard (kitesurfing) FVG-506V-03-KTE made with
    - FCS2 fin box's?
    - Screw insert so as to be able to use this board with foot straps?


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    Yup, they've got Vanguards at Big Winds with FCS2 boxes. They had it in 5'6" when I was there two weekends ago, but must have sold it recently. Or, go for a Vader from Real Watersports in 5'5":
    In terms of foot straps, get some NSI stick on pads that have screw inserts.
    #firewire-15-kiteboard-vanguard - Firewire 2015 Vanguard


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      Hi Stan

      Thank you for the response....... appreciate it. Great about the vanguard being made with FCS2 fin box's that's one problem solved.

      As far as the NSI stick on pads & foot strap option is concerned, I've already gone down that road and tried this on two custom made surfboards and after sometime the rubber base deteriorates and the screw insert base plate separates (breaks) from the rubber and then you have to replace the whole deck pad.

      I wanted to avoid this NSI pad option if I can and go for the screw insert's manufactured directing into the board.

      Cheers Stan


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        Hi, we don't offer the Vanguard or Vader with inserts. There are a couple FireWire other models including the HellFire, HellRazor and KP1 that do come with inserts. The NSI option is one that some folks use and I believe Surftech also makes a insert/pad. Not sure if it would hold up better than the NSI.