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Quadra-5 too slow for strapless riding?

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  • Quadra-5 too slow for strapless riding?

    Hi guys, just started using a Quadraflex 5 swallow tail FST kite construction for strapless kitesurfing. This is my first Firewire board, and I'm completely stoked from the super smooth ride and lively board… so much better than any super stiff kite-dedicated epoxy surfboard. My knees are soooo pleased! I only found the board slightly too slow in acceleration, maybe due to its shape or thin tail possibly? Also found that riding on quad fins it's so much smoother and stable, but possibly due to the fact that riding in thruster set up you'll get the extra drag from the 2 empty fin boxes?? Upwind performance is amazing, although as I said the board is not that fast and perhaps a tad too heavy. I'm an 85Kg intermediate-advanced rider and tested it on 20Kn / 9mt Rebel onshore mediterranean 1,5mt waves. Very happy wight the smooth/lively ride, but need to find the right set up / conditions. I thought to have this as a onboard quiver, as I like to ride slightly bigger boards and smaller kites, perhaps I should get a Vanguard instead?!?
    Any comments are much appreciated.

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    Hey Fly,

    If your using stock fins or plastic Futures you should try some TechFlex fins. Given your size and that Quadra 5's length, I would suggest the AEM2's or another large fin in either tri, quad or get the five fin set so you could do either. That should give the board a bit more drive (speed). If you really want to kick up the speed and smoothness then grab a Vanguard 5'4" or 5'6". Don't be intimidated by the smaller size. The Vanguard utilizes the entire rail line and will give you a lot more speed than the Qaudra 5. If your more focused on light wind then go 5'6". If not then 5'4" would work for your size. But as mentioned, you may want to start out with simply swapping fins on the Q5.



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      Hi Brian, yes I got the Techflex fins in a 5 set, I've tested the quad and briefly the thruster option but as it was my first time on the board I was still working out the best stance etc.. water was choppy so not too sure yet, I need to test them properly :)
      RE: Vanguard..
      Yes I'm now persuaded, I'm going to get one! I think to go for a 5'4" so it could be my 2 board quiver with the Quadraflex OR I can go 5'6" and keep it as a main travelling board.
      I always prefer to go slightly longer on the board in order to reduce kite size and crack up wind to go back on the line.. in this view I should perhaps consider the 5'6"??
      Cheers buddy


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        Correction: my actual weight is 89-90Kg including harness which makes it 195lbs.

        Sooo… 5'4" or 5'6" ?

        Normally I (kite) surf boards between 5'11" and 6'2"


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          If you are kiting most days over 20Kn then I would do the 5'4". My buddy who is about 5-10 lbs heavier than you rides a Vanguard 5'6" for really light days and a 5'2" on the windier days.


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            I think the 5'4" should do the job for me then..