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Dominator 5'8 vs Hellfire 5'10

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  • Dominator 5'8 vs Hellfire 5'10

    Hi every body
    I am 1,85m for 80-85kg. I have rally 12, 9 and 7 and use only surfboard. Waves are between 0,5m and 1,5m but really not perfect with onshore or side one wind (Normandy - France). 50% of my session are in 12, 40% in 9 and 10% in 7. what are your advises and what the differences between these two boards ? I had had a quadrafive and I loved it.
    Thank you per advance

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    Nobody to help me or had used this board and could give me feeling about it ?


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      I have had a small expericence with Dominator 5'8 and Hellfire 5'10, which are both too big for me (1,90 - 82kg and also had a quadrafive which was fine).
      FireWire offer now a Hellfire 5'8 instead, which is a better option for our size in my point of view.
      Being in France you can give a call to Corner Shop in Paris, they have a solid experience with all the FireWire line-up and give good advices.

      Have Fun & Ride Safe