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6ft, 176lbs average kiter needs all in 1board for progression ?

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  • 6ft, 176lbs average kiter needs all in 1board for progression ?

    hi all,

    advice and opinions much appreciated. i am aware there is no board that can do everything i would like for my abilities. So i'll list the details and priorities i have to work with.

    im 6ft (1.83m)
    176lbs (80kg)
    With good fitness level.

    i travel a lot with 8m & 11m kites and a TT. I want to squeeze a new surfboard into my quiver <6ft. I kite from 12 - 35kts. From flat water up to about 2.5m waves (all types).
    Im only interested in strapless kiting on the surfboard. Relatively new to it but progressing fast. Jybing, tacking comfortably. Catching waves and now starting to jump a bit with mixed success so far.

    A kitesurf board to progress on is very much the priory. As an after thought it would b nice if i can take it out for a paddle. I say it like that cause my surfing ability is poor and im unlikely to catch a wave on a board small enough that meets my kiting and travel needs but im happy enough paddling around tryin in vain to catch waves and simply getting the exercise on no wind days.

    Over the last few weeks ive done bucket loads of reading have decided firewire is the way to go. was leaning towards the hellfire 5'6 but now i see the option of all the surfboards for strapless kiting and thats just too many to choose from :-)

    Looking for a happy medium between volume for light wind on 11m (&paddling) vs over powered high wind kiting on the 8m.

    Thanks for any input i'm very open to feedback and appreciate if u can point out the tradeoffs of ur suggestions.


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    Well the great thing is that you have so many options. If you have never surfed before you will eat something with a little more volume. I'm thinking a happy medium might be somewhere between a baked potato and spitfire. With that, make check out the potatonator. It's a great light wind board but also surfs easy and well in a large variety of surf. Focus on the hybrids and non performance boards for your level and abilities. With your size maybe look at the 508-600 range. I am 215 lbs and can surf the 510 with ease but usually kite a few inches smaller. The spitfire is another great board and will have a bit more performance yet still work very well on those 11m days. For pricing shoot me an email at I'll conmect you with FireWire direct.



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      You could also go with the existing Hellfire 5'10" kite model. That should suit you really well based on the information you provided. And it's more readily available than a custom order.



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        thanks for your replies. just need to decide now :-)