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Hellfire 510 is sweet to ride for a bigger guy

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  • Hellfire 510 is sweet to ride for a bigger guy

    I've had the HellFire 510 for a while now and love it. I am around 85kgs and initially I had a plastic quad set (not sure what they were) which was just ok then I got a set of fiberglass Stretch quads which are medium in size and that was a little better. I didn't like the feel of the plastic or Stretch quad fins as they were too small I worked out. I am 85kgs (190pounds i think) and since I change to the fiberglass SA4 (Simon Anderson) large quads its been a game changer for me and that board and I am so stoked on it. It goes to show changing fins around is very important if something is not right.

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    Glad you found the perfect setup!

    I just wish fins weren't so expensive. I probably broke 4 or 5 fins in the last 10 months. The factory default fins (not sure if they're glassflex or natural composite) tend to crack at the base, probably because of bottom turns in very shallow water when surfing small beachbreaks, and the fiberglass fins are shattered by submerged reefs. So I now use fiberglass on beach breaks, and factory defaults on reef breaks... although the real solution would be to be a bit more cautious ;)