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Which Quad Fin Set for my new 5'6" Hellfire

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  • Which Quad Fin Set for my new 5'6" Hellfire

    I have a new 5'6" hellfire on the way and its not coming with any fins... any recommendations?

    I'm a little over 6'.. around 180lbs. It's going to be my first surfboard. I've snowboarded all my life, ridden twin tips and all my friends are switching to surfboards so I figure this is a good way to start.

    Mainly 15-25mph winds (up to 40 here sometimes when its nuking).. definitely gets kinda choppy. Will be ridden in small waves to a few feet over head.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    Congrats on your new ride. I'm sure you'll love it. If you can spring for a 5 fin set that's a great way to go for the Hellfire. Set up the board as a quad for light wind and you'll be stoked. For windier days or steep faced waves go to a tri fin configuration. Personally I like the Techflex fins. They're light and strong (the honeycombs can snap if pushed hard).

    Here's a link to that AM2 set that is great. The Mulcoy's are also fabulous.


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      Hey there I have a set of AM2's Techflex if you want them. I have used them a few times and are in great shape. Send me a PM.


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        Me too... selling a 5-fin set of FF AM2 Techflex in new condition (they have been in water once, not a single scratch). $95.