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Going from twin tip to surfboard.

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  • Going from twin tip to surfboard.

    What would be your recommendation as a board to transition from riding a twin tip to riding a surfboard both strapped and strapless? I'm looking for a board that will suit me and my dad. Both are around 6'0" and 170lbs. He has a little more kiting experience than I do but I have a lot more surfing experience than him. Being able to sneak a few surf sessions on it wouldn't be a bad thing either.
    I was thinking the KHF510. I know typically I'd be steered towards the KHF506 but as we're both pretty early days in kiting with a surfboard I figured the extra size wouldn't hurt, especially in lighter wind situations.
    Thanks for the help.

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    The KHF510 would be the call. Will paddle and catch waves easy and is super versatile for kiting. Especially since there will be two of you using the board, most likely at different levels.



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      Thanks Brian!