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Brian, help please

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  • Brian, help please

    Brian, I would have PM'd you but for some reason it wont let me send PM's anymore.

    I really fancy the jacknife 5'8 from the surfboard line up, how close are we to being able to order one in a kite construction? If it isn't going to happen, then any advice on how to strengthen the deck to give me the best chance of protecting it for kiting? not after any guarantees, but would a length of S glass on the top plus another patch for the front foot be Ok without affecting the ride/flex too much?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


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    yeh, I have also been waiting for your feedeback on the timing of getting a whatever board as a kite construction. Also, would you be able to give a rough guidance on weight wise, how much a certain type of board weighs in strapless construction, please? I am close to buy a board, but like Mike, I would like to know about the schedule of things here.



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      Sorry to day life jobs sometimes delay in our timing for responses. You both are looking at a few months for full production...we are almost there and have the last proto being tested by Felix I believe. They should be about 1-2 lb lighter then the current kite construction.

      Also, the custom board strapless option will be available around the time we approve the final strapless board...Jackknife is on the list for a strapless/strapped model (have to review my notes and maybe Brian can confirm). Also need to see what size we decided on.

      Mike, regarding carbon on the FST surfboards for kiting...carbon on the foot areas and along the bottom stringer.