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need board for both surfing and kitesurfing. hellfire 5'6'' or 5'10''?

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  • need board for both surfing and kitesurfing. hellfire 5'6'' or 5'10''?


    I just broke my 5'8 dominator (surf type) while kitesurfing. I was happy with it both for surfing and kitesurfing but it was too weak for kiting, it only lasted a year. Punched my heel through the deck twice before from small jumps (fixed it) and today it got a crack in the deck from rail to rail, right through the pressure valve. It's a shame, it was a fun board. I will fix it but won't use it again for kiting. It's time for a stronger board.

    I need a board which suits both surfing and kitesurfing. It makes sense to get a firewire kitesurf model. I like to minimize my quiver (to travel) and the hellfire seems the most all-round board. I live in Perth so I'm exposed to choppy sea waves as well as good size quality surf.

    What would be the best size for me to take? I weigh 72kg, I'm 1.85m tall, a decent kitesurfer (strapless) and intermediate surfer. On average I spend 3-4 days a week either kiting or surfing. The volume calculator indicates 27-30 liter, pointing towards the 510. However for kiting it seems that the 506 might be a bit better suited for me.

    Would I have trouble paddling into waves on a 506? Or would I find a 510 too large to kitesurf?

    Any ideas?

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    Based on your weight I'd go with the 5'6" hellfire. I'm slightly heavier than you and have no problems paddling that board. The double concave bottom and rocker make it easy to paddle. It will work wonders in light wind but still turn in the pocket. Great all around board.



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      Sorry to hear about that! As B said, get that Hellfire. Greatest all around ride on the line currently. It is so versatile you will be stoked!