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looking for my fist FIREWIRE Board.

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  • looking for my fist FIREWIRE Board.

    hey guys.

    I've been kitesurfing waveboards now for 4 years. right now I'm on a 5'10 RBSixty3 from South Africa.
    My weight is 185 lbs and I'm 6 feet tall.

    To be honest I guess I'm looking for the "one fits all board" because I kitesurf in different conditions. In the summer months I go a lot to denmark (north sea) or go out at my home spot at the baltic sea where we only have wind waves. over the last four winter I've been to south africa with lots of different conditions as well, waves between 4 to 12 feet and wind up to 40 knots.

    I was thinking of the Hellfire 5'10...

    do you think that this is the right choice for me?

    thanks a lot. leo

    ps: felix, don't know if you remember me, but we did a little trip 4 yours ago with peter petersen and photographer henning nockel to cape point, when peters audi broke down

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    Hey Rockr,

    The Hellfire 5'10" was the first that came to mind as a good all a rounder for you. It comes with a 5 fin setup so quad for light wind/mushy waves or tri when it gets hollow or howling. The board has a fare amount of volume so that may be a change from your RB, but it will still turn on a dime.

    Hope this helps,


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      Hey Brian,

      thanks for your message. Will get te 5'10 now. Do you have any suggestions for pads & straps?

      Thanks, Enno


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        Try an NSI package on that hellfire. The wave lace from Dakine also works well. Make sure your put pads on your deck prior to screwing in for extra protection.