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cleaning wax/deck grip strip

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  • cleaning wax/deck grip strip

    What is the best product to remove old deck grip and wax residue on rapid fire construction?,

    cheers Suncoast

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    I use a piece of foam and foam dust to remove residue wax. Just a little heat to soften the glue on the old tail pad, but take care. Wax and grease remover for paint prep is good to completely clean wax


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      cheers 50young



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        Go grab a pickle from a local surf makes the job easy.


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          i put my board out in the sun for a few minutes and use an old credit card.


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            I use an old credit card or CVS card or something. Putting it in the sun makes it softer. I actually keep mine in the shade because wax builds up on the side not doing the scraping and as you pass the card, some gets redistributed on the board. Plus I hate when it gets all goopy on my hands. I was wondering about the deck pad myself though, I got one that's raised under my arch and I'm not really diggin' it. I have gotten used to it but for a while I felt I was loosing touch with the board.


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              I also use an old cred card for removing this. All you have to do is to leave it all under the sun and it makes it softer. It will be easy for you to make this step rather than making things complicated.


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                For wax residue use Sticky Bumps wax remover. This stuff works like a charm:

                - Firewire Intern Josh