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from McCoy Nuggets to a Firewire what ?....

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  • from McCoy Nuggets to a Firewire what ?....


    I've been riding McCoy Nuggets exclusively for the last 15 years or so, (I have 7 and I'm never selling any of them), they just never say die and I love that about them! Anyway I developed the itch to buy a "normal" board after surfing mates boards and enjoying the fin drifting/tail high style that you can do on a modern design. So, I went out and bought a 6'4" Alternator and have surfed it fairly regularly for the last year or so. (It looks like I've nearly surfed it to death, defiantly no where near as strong as the McCoy build). But, after all the hours I've spent really trying to get my feet/head around the Alternator I really still feel like I get all wobbly between turns, I can do some really good turns on it but the flow between turns is lacking, it feels all squirt/drag, ie. either its on a rail and powering or it's transitioning between turns or pumping down the line and it just drags in the water, it feels "flowless" compared to what I've been riding for so long.

    I want a board that I can feel flow on. I want a board that will turn hard on rail in the pocket of a 6 foot bowl and still blast a fin drift on the close out at the end of the wave. The McCoys do everything really well except drift and release, they just hold on like freaking super glue!

    I NEED a board that is more back foot orientated than the Alternator is I think...? Any boards for good bigger waves in the Firewire collection that are more back foot oriented?


    Suggestions? The Vanguard is where I'm looking at the moment.

    I might be just trippin' and be so far out of touch with modern surfboard design that I'm not going to jump on anything that feels exactly right, but I really do want to try to find that board.


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    I would suggest trying a hellfire or hellrazor. The recovery on the HF is fantastic it recovers speed quickly and races over flat sections. I can't speak from personal experience with the HZ but I believe it is similar but even better and handles something more hollow.


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      I surf a 6'8" Alternator @90kg, which is just a tad too big. I also surf a 6'4" Dom, a 6'4" Futura, and am waiting on a 6'6" Quadrafive which may be an Alternator replacement.

      I have surfed McCoys since the late 1970's, through the pre Zap era, the Zaps, then a gap, and back on the nuggets when they first came out in the mid 90's. they were a bit more refined back then. I has a McCoy in quiver pretty constantly until I recently sold my 6'6" McCoy single fin. I loved that board, particularly backhand in waves with a pocket, but I hardly surfed it.

      The Dom's genes are most clearly derived from a McCoy, but obviously there are big differences. That would be the board I would steer you to if you are looking for a board for small to medium waves. The big differences with a McCoy are its obviously lighter, and has a flatter rocker particularly in the nose.

      A recent derivation which would probably be even better is the Unibrow. That would simply be an all rounder.

      To me the Alt is a pretty back foot board, but no board is as back footed as a McCoy. The Dom is maybe a touch more of a back foot board than the Alt. but really, there are no boards as back footed as you're used to in the Furewire range, IMHO.

      I'm surprised you've had durability issues with the Alt. is it an FST? I've found the Firewires to have about the same durability as a McCoy, but with a lot less weight.


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        Thanks guys.
        My Alt. is Rapidfire. Not really issues as such just that the deck looks like its had kids using it as a trampoline... No problem really considering that it weighs less than half a Nugget I`d guess.

        The Dominator was the one that nearly got the go ahead when I first bought the Alt. Might have to go straight there this time.

        The reason I went Alt. was I was looking for a board to surf a particular reef/point break we have here that`s kinds got me stumped on the Nuggets in the head high to double O/H range. Its a fast powerfull wave but doesn`t really throw a good tube ride and doesn`t get those bowl sections that the McCoys love to turn so well in. It might be just my style but I really have problems doing good quality turns out there and no one rlse seems to by the looks of `em...

        More thinking...
        Better go and feel up a Dom and a Vanguard I think!


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          If you wanted to stay on McCoys then you could always try the Surftech 6'6" McCoy which would allow you to use different fins on it.
          Part of the equation with the McCoy as you'd know is the large glass on fins for hold working with his rails, lots of foam and loaded dome to stick to the wave and hold it to the face with the wide tails.
          So if you used a set of twins like say the Al Merrick robbers with a smaller trailer you'll be able to release the tail. Just a matter of fine tuning with the fin size and rake to get the release you wanted.
          If you stay with McCoy polys then change to a different planshape and try the classic pintail model in a length short enough to be able to overcome the hold while still having the foam to support your weight through the transitions.
          If you want to Firewire it then I reckon you'd be on the money with the Vanguard.
          Demo it first.
          At least you can do that with a Firewire.
          I suggested that to McCoy (having demos) but the problem is Geoff reckons you need to surf a new board for at least a year to give it a fair assesment so he'd need a hell of a demo fleet.
          Even if you can't get a demo locally and say you're in Sydney it's almost worth it to get a cheap flight to the Gold coast and back to demo a Firewire board (or several) than to buy a new McCoy which doesn't work for what you want.
          I know I'm off to Currumbin next Thursday to demo a Vanguard in aircraft carrier dimensions. :-)
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            Yeah, the Rapidfire is not as durable as FST.

            Cuttlefish is right to suggest a demo. For the waves you have in mind I'd suggest looking at the Unibrow and the Hellfire. I suspect you'd probably pick a Unibrow of those two because of its genetic closeness to a McCoy, but either would do well I'm sure.

            The Vanguard looks to be a pretty unique board and worth demoing.


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              The vanguard is am amzaing board. I surf it and kite it. It is an excellent and insane light wind board, but at the same time is incredible in the surf in a variety of conditions. I would suggest grabbing a Vanguard. They have a lot of volume, so look into the 506 or smaller depending on your size. At 210 lbs, I can surf the 508, and I kite the 504....