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Taj Wins Reef Hawaiian Pro

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  • Taj Wins Reef Hawaiian Pro

    Yeeeww!!!! Sick event for Taj and Michel!

    Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 9.22.41 AM.jpg

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    Any new additions to the team for next year?


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      Well you saw Sebastian Williams I am sure. That is a big pick up in the grom youth movement and he'll have some boards for he start of the year so his Firewire exposure will go up. plus he just signed with Billabong and so his status will grow.

      other than that Timmy Reyes and Sterling round out the late 2011 additions. Team signings do not get withheld in regards to the calendar though and we certainly wouldn't wait for the new year to announce something if there was a team rider to announce.

      Cheers Iggy.


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        Interesting, it looked like Taj went for a non-Firewire board for the Pipe Event?
        Any idea why? Or am I wrong?


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          Chris posted about it in the Triple Crown thread I think.

          Edit: here ya go
          a combination of broken boards and unfortunate shipping logistics in the wake of the thailand flooding. Stepups were stuck in transit so for some of the bigger boards, the we had to rush PU backups.

          FYI both the guys rode Firewire at Haleiwa when the surf was "normal size" and Taj won on that. Taj also rode an older step up Firewire in Sunset and won, but they didn't have the selection they would normally have...