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    Hi Chris, Nev and crew,
    I was wondering if you could share here what board models and dimensions team riders (Toledo, MB, etc.) are bringing along and surfing during the different events. And if you got the info, what boards they ride on the various videos you're posting (like that video of Toledo at Trestle, the kid is ripping!).
    It'd be interesting to see how they adapt their quiver to the different conditions, freesurf vs contest and so on.

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    Hey Benoit,
    I am currently working from the road off my phone so I have limited access to something's like team dims, but I can tell you that Michel and Filipe both ride dims that they dialed in while working with Nev.

    I am sure someone else will chime in as there have been some posts with those details, I just don't have they info handy right now.

    If you ware familiar with Instagram or statigram you can look online in our photos as there are some rail shots of team boards. You can get to that by following the social media icons on our homepage.

    There is also a video of Michel's quiver on the gold coast on our video page.

    Cheers and feel free to keep asking if you don't get what you are after.


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      Thanks for getting back Chris - I checked out the MB's quiver video and it's good stuff!
      I didn't really find quiver info on Instagram, but I'm not a big computer guy so it might just be hidden somewhere...
      What I'd be interested in finding out is for example what boards MB rides/brings at Snapper vs at Lowers, Tahiti and whatnot. Free-surfing vs contest, etc. I understand they're all custom, but knowing what basic templates these guys ride and how they adapt their boards for different conditions and wave types would be great info.
      Whenever you get back to the office, if you can share your insights it'd be great!


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        Hey benoit,

        alright so here is a quick break down without all the dims as I don't have them all:

        Rides his go to shape custom designed by Nev from 510 through 602, then they change shape a bit and become proper step-ups and guns. He doesn't ride many hybrids at this point.

        He rides a tweaked Taj model that Nev put together for him and he and Nev also designed the step-ups that all of our team guys are now riding. Timmy also rips on all of our hybrids from a pro-hellrazor to stock Dominators and Potatonators.

        Ster-Ster also rips a customized version of the Taj rocker to his specs in about the 511 through 602 as well as step ups. He is a big fan of a customized version of the pro-hellrazor and also RIPPPPPS on stock versions of the Potato, Potatonator, and Spitfire.

        Currently Filipe is riding a lot of the pro-hellrazor that he an Nev worked on (this model was then kind of worked on by Sterling and Timmy at the same time) and has been competing on that board a good bit. He also has a series of customs based on the same Taj rocker platform but customized to his own specs.

        Hope this helps a bit. the pro-hellrazor is essentially a narrowed and thinned hell razor and isn't a board that is available at retail.


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          Interesting stuff! Out of interest What do the team guys and stock soldiers think of the hellfire Chris?
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            Is stuff like the pro-hellrazor something that could potentially be special ordered in the future with the knowledge that there would be a bit of wait time involved? And the same with other team shapes that files already exist for...?


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              looks like taj is going with a firewire in hi snext heat


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                fingers crossed he has a better heat than yesterday's shocker.


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                  so what were TB and MB riding yesterday out there??


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                    Taj I believe was on his 601 step up, a shape that he has absolutely loved and completely dialed in.

                    Michel I am not sure but I am guessing it was his step up version of the 602 or 602....

                    PRJ, pro Hellrazor isn't something tha t can be ordered at this time. It is a likely addition to our future quiver, but at this time we have only built it for pros in their desired dims. In other words, we are yet t ode sign the files for special order production.



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                      good stuff, thanks Chris


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                        Fair play Chris. Another one I'll be eagerly awaiting!