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Jack Robinson on Firewire?

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  • Jack Robinson on Firewire?

    This kid rips and looks he is riding Firewire boards now. Not bad for a 14-year old.
    Anyone know what model he's riding or heard anything about this?

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    yeah delmar he ordered a bunch of boards last year and put together some good clips. He is not a team rider and I know he has been experimenting on lots of different boards from different shapers.

    I have a feeling that most of those clips are from early/mid 2012 right after he got a big hit of FWs...



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      The kid looked a bit rattled in Bali surfing against Kelly Who wouldn't be


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        He looked a bit rattled....Does that really come as a surprise? He's 15, can't even drive, and he's competing against the best surfer in history in ASP event. Quite certain anyone would be rattled in such a situation.
        Mad props to the kid for even being good enough to get into the contest. I'm not sure a 15-year old has ever competed in a pro event, not even "The King" Kelly Slater.