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    I think you're right.

    Having said that Gavin Gillette should have let Parko win by that theory a few years ago.


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      judges are always going to overscore/underscore because the truth is scoring a wave is, in its purest form, subjective. All they can do is establish a panel that shares a preconceived set of preferences wave judgment.

      The killer for me is that i REALLY think that home court advantage plays a stronger roll than it should. As much as I want Taj to win a title, Adriano got burned for his air at snapper. Can you imagine the score fanning, park or Taj would have gotten for that tweaked air?


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        Yeah, I totally agree there Chris. There's a definite home court advantage. Aussies get the advantage in Australia, Brazzo's in Brazil, and Slater in the US. Mind you, I reckon the top seeds get sympathetic scores, and Slater in particular gets particularly sympathetic scores.

        I wish I could remember the heat right, but I think it was Mick Fanning against a Brazzo with a really powerful style. Mick won the heat fairly in my view...just...but the Brazzo was pulling out low 8's for waves Mick would have got a low to mid 9 for. But then they'll move to brazil and the shoe will be on the other foot.

        How good was Patachia surfing by the way? He was surfing great. Makes you wonder how he fell off the tour in the first place. The less said about Taj's mind fart the better.


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          Yeah Taj struggled there.

          Guys fall off tour partially due to beginning of the year placement. For example, Pattachia might always be on Parko's side of the draw and lose 4 round three heats to him over 10 events. That can put a damper on it.

          I do think that year long rankings need to go!!! Last year Taj faced slater how many times BEFORE the finals? why should Taj or anyone be stuck in the same position ALL YEAR to face VERY SIMILAR draws while fanning, Parko and owen almost never met him before the finals. I think perhaps the WT winner should hold the 1st spot all year, but the world seed should change from each event. level the playing field. Taj shouldn't hold 3 if he loses and yadin shouldn't hold last if he wins. just like all major sports, you don't get competitive benefits based on your previous year's success or failure, hence, a new year.