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  • Fiji

    At the last minute we have decided to go on a trip to Fiji for a (non surfing) friends 40th birthday holiday and they are already staying at the Shangri La. As you can imagine I was pretty excited to go and surf some tropical waves. I contacted the resort to see where I could surf (they had nothing on the website) but they tell me there was none at their resort but you have to make a day trip to go surfing.
    A mate reckons there is a left hander out on an outer reef and by the look of Google Earth there is - has anyone been here and could they confirm this?
    I'm just deciding whether to bother taking a board or just relax beside the pool as we are only there for a few days

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    hey man! Sorry I got nothing for you, hopefully you can figure it out. my gut says however if you're heading to Fiji, and the hotel says there's a wave a short boat ride away, the money spent on bringing a board is worthy insurance that you don't kick yourself for being in a tropical paradise with perfect waves and nothing to ride...


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      I agree. I'd rather take a board and not use it than get there and be running around like a headless chicken trying to find a board because the waves are fun.


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        Yeah better to be prepared I guess. I'll take the Nano and MD


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          brush your friends and go surfin'... of course that might be why i'm a "wally-no-friends"..!!