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Lets move to Wales...

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  • Lets move to Wales...

    ... UK that is.

    Seems pretty cool.

    So if it works out, I'm movin as I love;

    Benny Hill
    British sensibility

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    whats the chance, i'm watching benny hill while i read your post aurf..!!!


    • aurfalien
      aurfalien commented
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      Great minds think alike.

      Need I say more.

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    So I assume when they say 6' they are talking face, not six foot proper - still would be a lot of fun. The wave garden project in Spain looked cool but a bit gutless, would love a crack at it all the same. I think one of the big opportunities they miss in this article is ability to do R&D on board design, with those consistent wave conditions you could really hone a concept to an even higher level, fins as well. Hopefully Greg Webber gets his concept up soon, he has said his will achieve steeper faced waves than this one will...


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      One in Bristol too


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        Aurf...This is getting creepy.. Turned tv on just as my phone got alert of your reply post .. This came on while reading reply... And just cuz our minds think alike, it doesn't necessarily follow that they are "great"... Mine at least is questionable..!!! Back on topic.. The webber family are all thinkers..and characters.... The possibilities of their wave contraption are insane..!!


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          what's with the "Snowdonia" ?


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            Looks like Greg Webber finally found a home for his concep on the sunshine coastt:-


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              Bummer, they don't have cool cars in Oz. Was hoping for something at the birth place of TVR. Oh well...