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    I'm really excited about my quiver. Surfboard quiver. So I'm gunna share it here. So, I have a Dom at 6'4" for the absolute tiniest days. I haven't surfed it in a while, partly because of a small unrepaired ding, but also because my Pile Driver covers small waves so well. The thing the Dom has over the PD (and it's slight) is more drive out of turns when the wave is a bit soft. Love the Dom. Mostly ride it thruster, and mostly with K3's, but go quad from time to time with QPX trailers. This board goes great from knee to head high, but is best up to around chest high. Next up is a Mayhem Pile Driver at 6'4". I absolutely LOVE this board. It lacks a tiny bit of drive in soft parts of small waves but otherwise it's the duck's nuts. It's loose but drivey and it's width gives it great speed in small waves. Highly recommended. This board goes great around thigh to head high. K3 thrusters again. Next up is the Mayhem Mini Driver, again at 6'4". I love this board. It's being used when the waves start to generate their own power. Say chest high and up. I'm yet to exceed this board's upper limit. Best in chest high to I'd guess 2x overhead but I found it feeling quite comfortable at 2x overhead. The extra width gives it good planing speed but it's refined tail gives great control in turns. It's a far more refined board when surfing it than a glance at its dimensions might suggest. Compared to a UB it is (here's that word again) much more refined. It has less drive than a UB in smaller waves - quite a deal less- but it's that much better a board in mid size and up waves. I use the K3 thruster fins in this. Q5. This is reserved for good quality bigger days. 6'6". I haven't found an upper limit on this. Obviously a more refined board than the above but not enormously more refined than the MD. I use the Parko carbon thrusters in this.

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    I should add that quite obviously I'm not a pure HPSB kind of guy. I like my boards a bit more generous. I am 48 after all, and around 90kg. It also follows I grew up learning to surf in the late 70's/early 80's when boards generally were more generous. I never really liked the wafer era. Just me.


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      I love your quiver Buzzy. You're spot on with the MD description


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        Hey Buzzy, considering the MD and the PD are essentially the same board except for the tail - it sounds like they ride very different. Am I right in saying this or are they still very close?


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          I do think they do surf somewhat similarly, but have differentiation. At the same length the PD is much wider so it gets up and planing much more quickly than the MD. I also find it looser off the tail than the MD. I think it has more tail kick. I think the MD has more drive. They're clearly related boards but I find the PD to be a small wave board and the MD a medium and up wave board so there's clear demarcation. As wave power increases all that width and tail makes the PD harder to manage. The MD is just coming into its own. Both great boards and I definitely think you can carry both in the quiver.


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            yeah i would say buzzy nailed it.