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  • quik wetsuit question

    does anyone know whats up with the quiksilver monochrome wetsuits? are they any different at all, ive seen the ignite's in my local shop but every now and then I see an ignite monochrome suit online, and on youtube its just called chroma... is it the way the neoprene looks on the outside? is it because it doesnt have fleece in it? idk, I cant figure it out lol. But I ask because im looking to buck up and upgrade my suit. ive been looking at ripcurl ebomb 3/2s, hurley fusion 302s, billabong 302 xero revoloution, and this quiksilver monochrome suit. i surf in new jersey and itll be my may-october suit. id really appreaciate if anyones got some knowledge on this monocrhome suit, or would personally recommend any of these other wetsuits. thanks

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    This is kinda off memory, but I think that the monochrome refers to the single "bold" colour of the suit. You get the monochrome in the Cypher or Ignite 'performance' / cost levels of wetsuit. But it is just that level of wetsuit in a single, and at times striking, colour. Plain black won't be going out of style in our lifetimes though.


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      that sounds about right, thanks sarge! i like color as long as its not neon or really obnoxious, but agreed black is classic.