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  • Shipping a surfboard

    Hi Gang,
    I have someone interested in buying the 5'8" Potatonator but may need to ship it up the coast for them.
    Has anyone done this? who did they use and what is the best way to pack her up?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Padded board bag. Cardboard around the rails wrapped with packing tape. What country are you in?


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      Australia - Sydney area to Byron Bay. I could always take it there myself I suppose!
      I've actually found a couple of guys that do it recommended on another forum so I'll see if they reply at all.
      I got a quote from a franchise for $220! I can see why it's worth that much but the buyer won't want to pay that extra.


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        I have found a guy on the Northern Beaches of Sydney that hand delivers it in his own board bag for $70.
        I also found another guy that is calling me back tomorrow for $60

        I'll let you all know how they go and if I can recommend them!


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          Maybe you can get your hands on some of this new awesome packaging:
          If not, I always throw cardboard around the rails, then wrap my whole board in bubble wrap, then put the board in a board bag with towels.

          - Firewire Intern Josh


          • Goanna
            Goanna commented
            Editing a comment
            sadly at this stage I won't be needing packaging or a courier as the potential buyer has pulled out.
            This is the second guy to change their mind at the last minute. The first guy was ready to pick up and his mate talked him out of it!!!
            I have been sooooo close to getting a new board - yet so far away.
            Don't even start on the 5 - yes 5 people that have texted me asking if I still have the Potatonator for sale - I answer them "yes I do" and that's the last you here from them!


            OK venting over :)

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          I'm back on again. I have decided to go with Nick from Surf Freight.
          He has been very professional to deal with. For $70 dollars he will deliver to the buyers door packed in one of his own board covers (I've wrapped it up anyway!)
          The only (small) issue is that he only picks up and delivers from the Northern Beaches of Sydney so I'll be dropping it off tomorrow morning to Aloha Surf Manly....which happen to be a Firewire dealer....and happen to have a 5'5" TT BP.
          so far so good so I'll let you all know how it ends up!


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   I have found are good for all manner of things and they pickup and deliver door to door, of course you need to package pretty well.